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Computer, Software, High-Technology Law

We represent established and emerging computer, software, and Internet companies, and other technology businesses in Maryland, Virginia, and throughout the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area and elsewhere.

We enjoy a comprehensive understanding of computer law, software law, Internet law, and technology law, including newer laws in the field, such as the Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act (UCITA), the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA), and other new computer laws, software laws, and technology laws. We routinely advise established technology companies, entrepreneurs, start ups and consultants on all aspects of technology law.

We assist technology businesses draft and negotiate technology contracts, including computer contracts, software license agreements, software development agreements, Internet agreements, hosted application agreements, web development and web hosting agreements, co-branding agreements, and many other types of technology contracts, including OEM, VAR, ISV, and ASP agreements. We also negotiate and draft non-compete, NDA, and non-solicitation and non-competition contracts.

We assist entrepreneurs and starts ups who wish to establish a technology business, including with respect to the selection of the type of entity (corporation, limited liability company, etc.), the formation of the entity, ownership, shareholder, and governance issues, the issuance of stock warrants and stock options, general commercial contracts, office leasing issues, employment law issues, and the search for investment capital and venture capital.

We assist technology companies in day-to-day business operations, including commercial contracts, employment law and issues involving employees, and shareholder and corporate governance issues.

The attorneys of Bregman, Berbert, Schwartz & Gilday, LLC also routinely represent providers of services to the technology sector, including consultants and advisors. We regularly negotiate and draft consulting agreements, non-disclosure (NDA) agreements and non-compete agreements for consultants.

We also represent technology clients, including developers, end-users, licensors, and licensees, in litigation and arbitration involving technology products and services, including disputes over software licensing agreements, development agreements and services contracts, ASP and hosting services, and domain name disputes.